Getting Organized: A Multi-Purpose Closet

DIY and blogger, Ashley Basnight from Handmade Haven, organized her multi-purpose closet with The Home Depot. Read on to learn how she got rid of the clutter using a hanging tower, storage cart and some storage bins!

Getting Organized: A Multi-Purpose Closet

If you are anything like me, your closet gets cluttered fast and becomes the hub for all things that are in the way when guests are coming. After months of a chaotic closet, I finally decided it was time to get organized. My multi-purpose closet was the closet that needed the most organization, mainly because I use this closet for clothes/crafts and all of my other miscellaneous items I need around the house, but the time has come to bring some organization to my closet.

Getting Rid of the Clutter

I think it’s safe to say that we all have a difficult time getting rid of things we don’t need. I know for me, I just throw everything in the closet and totally forget about it. So the first thing I did was go through everything and decide what I really needed and what I could do away with.

Surprisingly, 60% of what I had in my closet was useless. Ok, maybe not much of a surprise, but getting rid of those items immediately opened up tons of space for me.

ClosetMaid Hanging Tower

Even though my closet already had some good shelving, I opted to add more, to aid in my organization efforts. I have a lot of crafting supplies and tools I use around the house that I use frequently, so I wanted to add more shelving to help store those items.

I found this hanging tower by ClosetMaid Style online and I immediately knew that it would be the perfect addition to my closet organization project. The hanging tower came dis-assembled but it was fairly easy to put together. It took me around 35 minutes to get it assembled and hung up on the wall.

Once I got the Hanging Tower assembled, I hung up the hanging track to be able to hang the tower. This step is probably the most important, because you want to make sure that your hanging tower is well supported. I followed ClosetMaid’s instructions online and they had great instructions. If you decide to go with this hanging tower, take your time and read the instructions thoroughly and you should have no problem.

Once the track bar is installed properly, the hanging tower should have plenty of support and the installation instructions provides extra steps to secure it even more.

My favorite part about this hanging tower is the ability to remove shelves. The hanging tower comes packed with 8 clear pieces that allow you to move your shelves up and down. I really like this feature because I don’t have to be limited to a small shelving space, just in case I have bigger items I want to store in the future.

Adding this hanging tower was a quick and simple way to add tons of more storage for my miscellaneous items, if I could fit two of these things in here, I’m sure I would.

Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Storage Bins

I utilized two types of storage bins, to keep my items hidden. This makes the closet look neat and clean without making it hard to access the items.

I absolutely love the black and white geometric bins, the rope handles really give it character, and they really pop coupled with these grey storage bins. These black and white storage bins came in three different sizes and are deep to hide any items I may not want to be seen out in the open.

I utilized most of the bins up top for items that I may not use that often. This was the perfect space for these bins and they really made the closet look stylish.


Another storage aspect I included for my closet organization project was this DEWALT compact organizer. These compact organizers are loaded with tiny bins that help keep the smaller items organized. I always have a hard time keeping up with my picture hanging hardware and other screws for items in the house.

This was the perfect storage item for my multi-purpose closet, and it fit perfectly in my ClosetMaid Hanging Tower.

Storage Cart

This storage cart hands down was my favorite item for my closet organization project. It has an industrial feel and keeps the look of the closet feel stylish while providing storage for my closet items.

It came in two parts, but was very easy to assemble with some screws included with the cart. I used this storage cart to hold some old pillows I had in my closet, but this thing could store loads of items. The options are endless with this fun storage cart.

Tying it all Together

Once I started putting everything together, the closet really started to look like it well was organized. The ClosetMaid hanging tower really made a big difference and really helped me to get things in order. The storage bins brought a lot of style to the closet, as well as served as a place for all of my things and the storage cart is just a trendy storage solution.

If you are looking to get a little more organized, I hope some of the items I used peak your interest and help you with your next closet organization project.

Now I have a closet that I can be proud of.

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