Planting Your Farmhouse Garden

After you’ve done all of the prep work, you’re ready to plant your new farmhouse garden. Follow along as Ashley of Heirloomed shares her favorite tips for planting to your farmhouse garden. Click here to check out the rest of her Farmhouse Garden series.

Planting Your Farmhouse Garden

Hey, it’s Ashley from Heirloomed and if you’ve been following along with our Farmhouse Garden (here and here) then chances are you’ve gotten your space fully planned and prepped for a cozy, functional garden that will lead to effortless entertaining for you all season long!

Now that I have properly planned for and prepared my garden bed, I am ready to take that whole trunk load of plants and get them planted into the garden while they’re fresh from The Home Depot Nursery.

Here’s a final list of the vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers I ended up taking home for my Garden this year :

 For the planting of my garden I also used a few tools including my wooden handled Digging Shovel, Hand transplanter and cultivator – each made it easy to plant my garden whether I was going for the larger rosemary or blueberry bushes, or just a little job like the small herbs.

 I like to take my plants from the car and place them all next to my garden bed, organized by zone based on my original garden sketch. This helps to keep a little organization going but still move quickly in getting all your plants over to your garden area. Then, I take each plant and set it in the garden bed exactly where I plan to plant it.

 I use the little plant tags in each pot as a guide to ensure I’m not planting things too close together, or in areas where the sunlight intensity doesn’t fit it’s needs. I also knew I was going to bring in some climbing walls and metal tomato cages for support, so my layout took into consideration leaving space for these fixtures.  In my original planning I took care to plant things together, such as marigolds and tomatoes, in keeping the pests away as much as possible.

Once you have it all laid out it’s pretty easy (carrying pots, plants and digging 1,000 holes aside …) to really move on planting your Farmhouse Garden. I knocked out planting my own space in a few hours, knowing I’ll need to layer in a few potted plants along the way that I want to remain mobile in case I want to relocate them after the garden season has ended. For decoration, I used some terracotta pots, using small pots in a row to separate certain plants or areas of the garden from others. I think it adds that cottage charm, along with planting some of the flowers and herbs in galvanized buckets and pots for some texture and dimension along the way.

As I was planting my garden, I also took my Garden Markers and was sure to stick each in the ground next to the plants as I was burying them. Certain things like the garlic vs. onion chives and zucchini vs. squash can be hard to tell apart once they’re all next to each other. You can see my easy DIY Garden Markers here to customize these cute little copper plant markers that my local Home Depot store had.

Finally, my Farmhouse Garden is in the ground and ready to grow, but the hard work isn’t done yet. In my next post I’m sharing all my tips for keeping your Garden maintained, tended to and ensuring you get a healthy harvest of little crops for use in your home and kitchen this season so stay tuned!

I hope your garden is as much a labor of love as mine has been so far. Love to see how yours is coming along – be sure to share on social media by tagging @heirloomedcollection and @homedepot with #HDGARDENCLUB.

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